Redefining Rural Aging

A community building a community. We've had hundreds of volunteers contribute to the overall concept and design of this Village.
The vision of Hunt Coulee Village is to build a state of the art, active lifestyle community, where seniors are able to live in a rural setting that supports their aging needs and maintains their rural values and lifestyle.


For the last decade, rural residents were asked what they needed to support aging in community.
Their answer? More housing options so that they did not have to move away from their rural communities.

This migration negatively impacts quality of life by severing connections from neighbours and friends who not only share the same rural values but also form their primary sources of care as they age.

The Hunt Coulee Village is situated on a 45 acre parcel of land which was generously donated in 2007 to the Communities Development Society by long time rancher, Mrs. Ruth Hunt. The intent is to provide acreage dwellers, ranchers, farmers and others an opportunity to retire in a country setting.

This seniors +55 rural development has received wide acclaim from advocacy groups, government agencies and municipalities across Alberta for its innovative community-led approach to seniors housing.

The inspiration for Hunt Coulee Village would not have been possible without the dedication of many generous and talented volunteers. The Rural Seniors Advisory Committee was formed as an advisory and decision-making team in determining the project vision.

The team, along with countless other community volunteers, professionals and in-kind supporters have contributed over half a million dollars value to the project. This community-led approach demonstrates an obvious cost savings to the project.

"Because nothing like this has been done before, it requires a lot of different skills and innovation.
These volunteers bring all that and more."

- Lori Kovacs, Executive Director. Communities Development Society.

“You don’t know what it’s like until you lose your mate
or you get sick and you just want company.
The best thing I find when I’m lonely is to help someone else.”

- Ruth Hunt, Hunt Coulee Village Land donor.

Ruth Hunt couldn’t have imagined living anywhere else but on the land she and her husband, Wilf, ranched since 1946.
At 93, she proved it was never too late to make a difference. In 2007, she donated 45 acres of land toward rural seniors housing.



“The Hunt Coulee Village is a project that is near and dear to my heart. I have been involved in the evolution of the project since day one."

Our rural communities identified a key issue:

There is a lack of senior housing in rural locations. Uprooting to cities would mean that we would no longer be able to enjoy our rural lifestyle values, our rural culture and our connection to the land and natural amenities.

By having it designed by residents in the community, they are able to create what they want and develop a sense of community even before they have moved in. This was the genesis of the Hunt Coulee Village.

"Retiring to facilities in the city means being uprooted,
leaving our longtime community, friends and neighbours."

- Phil Unland, Rural Seniors Advisory Committee member.